Frequently Asked Questions

What is an elite book writing service?

An elite book writing service provides writers for hire to people needing help with their books. As a full-scale writing and publishing service, we provide all kinds of solutions, including book writing, editing, graphic designing and illustrating, publishing, marketing, and more. The exciting part of our service is that we don’t add our name to your work, and you alone will reserve all the rights for your book.

Can we complete your unfinished book?

Yes! Our writing team can complete what you started, and our editors and proofreaders can make sure that your book is flawless and professional.

What resources do we need from you to write your book?

That depends on you! You can just give us the idea you have in your mind for the book or provide us with a folder of content resources.

How much time does it take to write your book?

Usually, we finish a short book of 25 pages within a single week; however, the timeline varies depending on its genre and quality. Rest assured, we finish the book within the timeline we commit to you.

How many revisions do we provide?

Depending on the package, we provide unlimited revisions to our clients.

What Makes Authors Writing Club Worthy Of Your Trust?

Authors Writing Club has a team of experienced professionals belonging to the field of writing, editing, designing, publishing, and marketing who pour their hearts out in their work. Due to our passion and thirst for excellence, we have become a household name in the book writing industry.