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Morris Welch


It was my first time using a Authors Writing Club services & now I wonder why I waited so long! They were great to work with & coordination was so easy I felt like we'd already been working together for a year after just a few minutes.

Justine Griffiths


Authors Writing Club is the way to go. Their services are great, fast and to the point. Love the way this service works. I recommend their proofreading service to all my colleagues and friends

Tamara D. Cavazos

Business Executive

At first I thought I could find no help, but then Authors Writing Club helped me achieve what I thought was impossible. Going to seek help from them again without any doubt!

Morris C. Peterson


Despite of a tight budget and no time to lose, Authors Writing Club provided their amazing services! Apart from their remarkable writing skills, the skills of their marketing team are amazing!

James K. Hathaway


The quality of work they delivered and the amount of pressure they handled was really impressive. They satisfied me and didn’t leave any room for regrets.

What Makes Authors Writing Club Worthy Of Your Trust?

Authors Writing Club has a team of experienced professionals belonging to the field of writing, editing, designing, publishing, and marketing who pour their hearts out in their work. Due to our passion and thirst for excellence, we have become a household name in the book writing industry.